Little yellow cartoon peanut shouting a message within a speech bubble. The text reads: "Just create. Allow yourself to make ugly art. Don't be afraid to get silly. Art doesn't need to look good, it just needs to exist. Get messy. Not everyone is going to like your art and that's ok. Rest is necessary and encouraged. Your art can just be for you. Give others credit where credit is due. Take a risk."

Peanut Butter People Manifesto

Hi! My name is Jordan (aka Peanut) and I run Peanut Butter People. My goal is to create art that brings me joy. In doing so, I hope to inspire and encourage others to make art of their own. I am a firm believer that there is no such thing as "natural talent", that art is something anyone can do and experience. Creating art is one of the most inherently human things to do and putting it on some pedestal that only the "talented" get to reach is extremely limiting. Plus, who even decides what talent looks like anyway? You don't need any special skills or fancy equipment to make art. Grab a pencil or heck, even just a stick in some dirt and go make something. ;)