About Peanut Butter People

Peanut Butter People is an independent publisher run by Jordan Decker, a queer, trans, artist and illustrator. The name "Peanut Butter People" comes from their dad nicknaming them "Peanut" or "Peanut Butter" when they were a kid. Working in both physical and digital media, Jordan aims to make their work as accessible as possible. Jordan specializes in printmaking techniques to emphasize the physicality behind the creation of art. Holding a physical object is a different experience from viewing a digital piece. The act of making is something so inherently human which Jordan wants to highlight. Capitalism ruined art by defining it as a commodity. Everyone can create regardless of skill level. Just take a stick and some dirt and go at it. it doesn't need to be pretty. 

 Always human, never AI

Don't let capitalism win