About Peanut Butter People

Peanut Butter People Manifesto

RISO Print 11" x 17"


Jordan Decker is a queer, trans artist and illustrator based in Boston Massachusetts. They run Peanut Butter People; an independent publishing and design brand. The name comes from their dad nicknaming them "Peanut" or "Peanut Butter" when they were a kid. Jordan takes most of their inspiration from their life experiences and leans more autobiographical in their personal work. The main themes they explore in their work are memory, dreams, and identity plus how they work together to inform each other. Working in both physical and digital media, Jordan aims to make their work as accessible as possible. They believe art should not be something hidden behind a paywall, but something that can be experienced and performed in everyday life which is why mediums like comics are intriguing to them.