Artists are always in competition with one another so it's important to build each other up when we can. These are artists and pieces that Jordan finds particularly intriguing and inspiring.

A dystopian graphic novel. Character focused, deadpan humor, and has a cat that can do anything. Very entertaining read. TW: drugs, addiction, violence

Jerel Dye is a sci-fi illustrator and comic artist. Illustrations feature lots of robots, mechs, and animal characters. 

Artist Jody Battaglia creates toys inspired by vintage children's book illustrations. The website itself is also very interactive and fun.

Joshua Smith is an artist that creates miniatures of urban spaces. He creates hyper-realistic replicas that have a unique charm

Afrofuturist anthology of animated short films. Good mix of 2D and 3D animation. Each story brings you into the world and you can't look away. TW: violence

Animated short film about a boy trying to find the roller skates that his mom sold at a garage sale. The environments and colors are super fun to look at and the story is very relateable.